Filming with BBC Cloud Lab

Just spent a week in Eloy, AZ filming with the BBC Cloud Lab crew.  It was very interesting getting to see all the behind scenes work that goes into making television.  It’s a lot of work getting the right angles, filming in between airplane take offs, and acting natural with a camera in your face.  It’s a fact that I take for granted that I get to perform most of my work alone and with headphones.

We were sampling for tropospheric microbes by adapting our balloon payload to something a sky diver could operate while falling to Earth.  By the end of the shoot we successfully sampled from 16,000-10,000 ft and from 26,000-10,000 ft.

Check out the twitter account @BBCCloudLab to get daily updates on the project!


BBC Science Club Films a Balloon Launch

Around minute 36 you will see the May sampling mission in Palestine, TX.  This mission collected microbes between 75,000 and 95,000 ft.  We had a great time with the Science Club grew.  The final product is really amazing.

Stratospheric Sampling Tomorrow

The next launch opportunity will be tomorrow morning.  We will attempt to sample for microorganisms between 60,000 to 95,000.  We would also like to avoid rattle snake hang outs upon landing, but that is really beyond our control.

We have two successful tropospheric sampling mission that collected microbes from 5,000-35,000 ft.  The enrichments are incubating and graphs are being generated.